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RRP $31.35 Inc GST
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GreenCALCIUM is a 100% plant-source of calcium, is HIGHLY ALKALINE (pH 10) and supports body alkalinity, provides MAXIMUM ABSORPTION and bio-availablity of calcium in the body, is ALL NATURAL.

A unique wholefood source of natural calcium, GreenCALCIUM is an organic marine plant (Lithothamnium calcareum) naturally rich in natural rich in elemental calcium, magnesium and 72 other trace minerals crucial for optimum calcium absorption and bone health.

GreenCALCIUM contains 34% elemental calcium and has a unique porous ‚‚‚‘honeycomb-like structure and the large surface area that allows for greater absorption and utilisation of calcium in the body.

Calcium is essential for building and maintaining bone. Almost all the body's calcium (about 99%) is found in the bones.

* maintaining total body health normal growth and development keeping your bones and teeth strong over your lifetime (they contain 99% of the body's calcium, the remaining 1% is in blood).

* ensuring the proper functioning of muscles and nerves.

* keeping the heart beating

* helping blood clotting and regulating blood pressure

*metabolising iron

*the action of a number of hormones (particularly those associated with the thyroid and parathyroid glands)

*cell structure

* absorption of vitamin B12

  • Premium organic Lithothamnium calcareun marine plant (86%), silica, vegetarian capsule (hypromellose & water)
  • Calcium Per serving: 952mg (95% RDI), per 100g: 34g
  • Magnesium: Per serving: 40mg (21% RDI), er serving: 952mg (95% RDI), per 100g: 34g: 2.5g
  • Iodine: Per serving: 92mcg (62% RDI), per 100g: 3.29mg
  • Selenium: Per serving: 2.8mcg (4% RDI), per 100g: 100mcg
  • Strontum: Per serving: 5.4mg, per 100g: 195mg
  • Boron:Per serving: 952mg (95% RDI), per 100g: 34g

Suggested serve: 1 serve = 2.8g (approx 1 teaspoon) daily.

Adults: Use 1/2-1 serve daily.

Preganant or Breastfeeding Mothers: Use 3/4 - 1, 1/4 serves daily.

Children age 1-11 years: Use 1/3 of level teaspoon daily.

Serving suggestions: Mix in favourite juice, water, or simply add to food.

GreenCalcium is packed in Australia using Aquamin Lithothamnium calcareum marine plant imported from Ireland that is certfied for use in organic systems by The Organic Trust.

GreenCALCIUM is the richest natural plant-source of calcium available, is highly alkaline (pH10) and is vegetarian, vegan and paleo friendly.

ALL NATURAL and contains;

NO calcium chelates processed from limestone or chalk

NO calcium hydroxyapatite derived from crushed animal bones.

NO crushed coral or oyster shell

NO animal products or by-products

NO corn or wheat products

NO gluten

NO Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

NO herbicides, NO pesticides, NO contaminants

NO dairy products