ACTIVATED SUBLINGUAL B12 75Tabs Active Vitamin B12

ACTIVATED SUBLINGUAL B12 75Tabs Active Vitamin B12
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RRP $30.95


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ACTIVATED SUBLINGUAL B12 75Tabs Active Vitamin B12

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Sublingual B12 1000 provides vitamin B12 in a convenient sublingual tablet.

Sublingual B12 1000 helps maintain haemoglobin formation, supports blood health and assists healthy red blood cell production.

Sublingual B12 1000 maintains cognitive function and brain health and supports cardiovascular and immune system health.

Sublingual B12 1000 assists sugar metabolism, supports energy production and is important for cell growth and replication.

Sublingual B12 1000 helps prevent dietary vitamin B12 deficiency. The elderly, strict vegetarians and vegans are at increased risk of a vitamin B12 deficiency.

  • Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 1mg
  • Does not contain egg, milk, peanut, soy, tree nuts, animal products, lactose or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Adults and children over 12 years- Dissolve 1 tablet under the tongue, once or twice daily, or as directed by your health professional.


None noted at the recommended dose.

Several medications can decrease the absorption of vitamin B12 or increase the risk of deficiency, such as acid-suppressing medications (PPIs e.g. omeprazole and histamine2 (H2)-receptor antagonists), metformin (hypoglycaemic), oral contraceptives, neomycin

(antibiotic) and colchicine (anti-gout).

CAUTIONS: None noted at the recommended dose.

SIDE EFFECTS: None noted at the recommended dose.


• Activated B Complex

• Activated Folate 500

• Organic Iron MAX

• Ubiquinol 150mg

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