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Is Agiolax right for you?

Maintaining regular bowel function plays an important role in supporting general health and vitality. However, many Australians suffer constipation and digestive discomfort on a regular basis. This can often be caused by a diet lacking in adequate fibre.

Clinical research has shown that the right balance of insoluble and soluble fibre can help maintain regularity while promoting better bowel health.1

Agiolax provides a well-balanced combination of fibres and natural Senna, proven to assist in the relief of constipation while supporting a healthy bowel function.2

The Agiolax Difference

Agiolax is a natural formulation shown to help relieve constipation and promote regular bowel function.1,2

Agiolax contains a well-balanced ratio of natural dietary fibres, made from the seeds and husks of psyllium (Plantago ovata), that is combined with a controlled-release form of the laxative herb Senna.

As a two way laxative, Agiolax helps form stools and increase the speed of their movement through the bowel while minimising bloating cramping and wind.3


Agiolax contains a balance of insoluble and soluble fibres combined with natural Senna.

Each 5 g of Agiolax granules contains Psyllium seed (2.6 g) and Isphaghula husk (0.11 g) and Senna fruit tinnevelly dry equivalent to 15 mg sennosides

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