Education Corner

Education Corner

 Welcome to our Educational platform, watch this space as it continues to grow!

At Rener, we take the education of our health practitioners seriously. To support your ongoing education during this trying time, we are compiling a list of educational and business support tools for you.

We will continuously update this list as we find more information to support you.

Orthoplex - Remaining Resiliant.jpg 

Remaining Resilient - Patient Booklet

Orthoplex's new patient booklet, ‘Remaining Resilient’ has been designed to educate and empower patients to navigate stressful and uncertain times by cultivating, maintaining and restoring physical and psychological resilience at all stages.

This booklet highlights key diet and lifestyle factors to focus on at each stage to optimise your wellbeing, along with noteworthy nutrients for immune support. There’s no better time than the present to take up wholesome habits for holistic health! 


Orthoplex - Resiliance in the Cold and Flu Season.jpg

Resilience in the Cold and Flu Season - Practitioner Booklet

Our latest practitioner only booklet, ‘Resilience in the Cold and Flu Season’ is designed to provide guidance on key products and the nutrients they contain to help support patients to be resilient during the yearly cold and flu season. It can be used in conjunction with the patient booklet ‘Remaining Resilient’ to determine the best nutrient solutions to use during the three distinct phases of illness - the before, during and after stages that require different approaches.



BioMedica is delighted to announce that their past Seminar and Webinar recordings are now FREE.

They've decided to waive the cost so you have the opportunity to hop online and benefit from these learnings at this time.

The free resources include;

Neuro-Immunology in Depression and Anxiety Seminar

Nutritional Neurotherapy in ADHD, Autism and Mood Disorders

The Fight, Fear, and Frustration of Adolescence

Menopause Management Intensive

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Updates on the Identification and Treatment of HPV Infection

The Burden of Chronic Pelvic Pain

And many more…



Katie Barron  Physical Examination.jpg

Refreshing Naturopathic Examination Skills with Katie Barron

In this episode, Katie shares how building examinations into the consultation process is a crucial element to establishing patient rapport and how to confidently refer patients on for further investigation to medical professionals when there's an identified need. Katie also discusses some of the differences in naturopathic vs. orthodox observations and how they further inform us on the patient's overall level of health and vitality.


Unravelling CIRS.jpg 

Unraveling CIRS-WDB An exploration of water-damaged building exposure and biotoxin illness

A snapshot ... of the CIRS-WDB program available from May 2020:

  • 8-module online course
  • Prerecorded 90-minute sessions
  • Case studies and sample test reports
  • Downloadable notes and resources
  • Bonus audio interviews with leading CIRS-related experts.






Research Update

Palmitoylethanolamide as a prophylaxis and treatment for influenza and other respiratory viruses.


Article Highlights
• Viruses such as influenza and coronavirus provoke both antiviral and pro-inflammatory responses in the human body.
• Excessive cytokine production or the ‘cytokine storm’ provoked by these viruses can lead to tissue damage, organ dysfunction and increased morbidity.
• Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) is now well recognised for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and neuroprotective effects, and recent clinical trials have targeted its benefits for neuropathic pain.
• However, PEA was originally used as a therapy for the common cold and influenza, with six double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials conducted in the 1970s demonstrating its efficacy as both a prophylactic and treatment for colds and influenza.



BioPractica Extending the Lifespan.jpg

Extending the Healthspan presented by Paul Kern

This is a dynamic and practical seminar where our presenter explores;

  • Autophagy and mitochondrial biogenesis and their roles in driving fatigue and cognitive decline
  • Inflammageing and its role in chronic disease
  • The importance of activating vitagenes in maintaining long term health
  • How metabolic acidosis drives accelerated ageing and chronic disease progression
  • Role of methylation in preserving genomic stability 
  • Putting in all together into a plan for your patients to keep them fit and functional for longer



BioPractica Building Immune Resiliance.jpg

Building Immune Resilience

Presented by Vanessa Hitch

Each year acute respiratory infections account for over six million GP visits and with the looming consequences of antibiotic overuse, health professionals are looking to find a better way.

In this informative and solution orientated webinar we will cover how to formulate a successful prescription for both chronic and acute cases of immune dysfunction and identify critical factors needed for immune competence.



BioPractica Probiotics.jpg

Probiotics - Deep Diving into Key Mechanisms of Action

Presented by Lotta Johansson

Being able to colonise the gastrointestinal tract, normalise microbiota levels and adversely affect pathogen survival, are all desirable characteristics of an effective probiotic. But often this information is not available on specific strains.


BioPractica Supporting the GutBrainImmuneAxis.jpg

Register for this exclusive online event

At this event you will learn:

  • How these probiotic strains influence GABA levels in the body to moderate anxiety and worry
  • Latest scientific evidence on this combination for support of oxytocin production to support feelings of social connectedness
  • What effect L. reuteri DSM 17938 and L. reuteri ATCC PTA 6475 have on immunity and inflammation
  • The kinds of clinical outcomes you can expect when prescribing this formula


BioCeuticals  Herbs  Celloids.jpg

The synergistic application of herbs and celloids

 Join us for an exciting and educational opportunity with Denis Stewart – the ”godfather of Australian herbal medicine” , and Dan Jones - the co author of Alfred Jacka’s Prescribing Strategies book. Combining 70 years of herbal and mineral therapy expertise, the webinar includes treatment strategies and ‘clinical pearls’.

This webinar will also enable you to confidently prescribe mineral therapy as a standalone therapy and/or to be used adjunctively with herbs to support a range of conditions. 



8th BioCeuticals Virtual Research Symposium

Great news! The 8th BioCeuticals Research Symposium will take place on a digital platform throughout four weekends in June 2020.

From Saturday 6 June until Sunday 28 June, delegates will be able to login and learn from our international lineup of speakers including Dr Datis Kharrazian, Dr Carrie Jones, Lara Briden, Amanda Archibald, and Dr William J Walsh. Each day will provide four hours of online learning, including one prerecorded plenary, one case study, one special guest presentation and a live Q&A session.

Registrations for the 8th BioCeuticals Research Virtual Symposium are now open!


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COVID-19 Small Business Quick Links to Get Help

COSBOA is a peak body (non-government organisation) that advocates for the needs of small business. Our members are industry associations. We cannot provide assistance or advice to individual small business owners - this page is only intended to point you to the official sources of information.



Industry Associations Unite.jpg

Industry Associations Unite

Joint Association Statement Covid-19



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Special Webinar

Current Controversies in Natural Therapeutics of Immune Support

Watch the exclusive panel discussion on science-based therapeutic options for immune function featuring renowned clinicians Dr. David Brady, Dr. Todd LePine, and Dr. Peter D’Adamo. This session included substantial literature reviews and a discussion on current controversies surrounding nutrients and botanicals in immune system response.



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Digitising your practice with Tammy Guest

How to pivot in business by going online

Have you ever thought about taking your practice online or increasing your online presence? If your business is not already online, then now could be the best time to pivot. In these uncertain times what is becoming increasingly clear is, that for the foreseeable future, we could see a downturn in the amount of face-to-face consultations that are carried out by all healthcare practitioners.

This free live webinar with Tammy Guest provides tangible and actionable outcomes when it comes to digitising your bricks-and-mortar business. Regardless of whether your online presence is designed to support an offline business, or if you want to make the shift to online, you’ll be equipped to harness the power of the internet and social networks to grow your business.

 Register by clicking on the image above. Limited places are available.



Nutritional Medicine: Not a soft approach to combatting COVID-19

By Professor Kylie O’Brien PhD and Professor Ian Brighthope MBBS, FACNEM


FX Medicine Dr Elisa Song.jpg

FX Medicine Podcast

Teenagers: Emotional Health and Wellnbeing with Dr Elisa Song

Holistic Paediatrician, Dr Elisa Song joins us to talk about maximising teenage physical and emotional wellbeing.


FX Medicine Denis Stewart.jpg

FX Medicine Podcast

Reviving Lost Herbal Knowledge with Denis Stewart

Is a loss of traditional herbal medicine applications coming at the expense of the pursuit of science? We get Denis Stewart's perspective.



BioPractica Learning HUb.jpg

Bio-Practica continue to offer support to Practitioners with the following;

Exclusive invitation to a live online event to be held on Wednesday 15th April at 7:00pm (AEDT) featuring the newly launched BioGaia Gastrus probiotic combination. Presented by Vanessa Hitch & Roberta Barbiellini, this educational event will explore how probiotics can be used to strengthen social connection and reduce anxiety during a time of physical isolation. You will receive a invitation to register for this event shortly.

A reduce fee ($30, normally $60) to our annual subscription to our online learning platform – The Bio-Practica Learning Hub. This will give you access to more than 15 webinars and educational resources with new webinars published each month as part of our 2020 educational calendar.




COVID-19 financial assistance

Financial support is available to help you manage the affects of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Government announced new measures on 22 March 2020 to provide support to affected workers, businesses and the broader community.




Sharpen your prescribing skills with mineral therapy

Presented by leading mineral therapy practitioner and co-author of Alfred Jacka’s Prescribing Strategies Dan Jones, this short course is perfect for experienced practitioners who would like to refine their prescribing skills using key minerals magnesium phosphate, potassium phosphate, silica and calcium fluoride. Dan includes great anecdotes, treatment strategies and some ‘clinical pearls’ on treating a range of conditions with the nervous and musculoskeletal system.




BioCeuticals Deanna Minich.jpg

Dr Deanna Minich - Nutritional Supplements for Chronic Disease Prevention

Dr. Deanna Minich is a teacher, author, scientist, speaker and artist with more than 20 years experience in the fields of nutrition and functional medicine. Her Doctoral (Ph.D.) research focused on essential fatty acid absorption and metabolism, and her Master's Degree allowed her to explore the health benefits of the colourful, plant-based carotenoids.



To further support practitioners in clinical practice with high-quality ongoing education, BioMedica will be offering a range of complimentary 30 minute webinars


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BioConcepts Elimination Diet plan has been designed to help you provide a tailored gut-friendly plan for your patients. This tool can be used to identify foods or food groups that may be having adverse effects on your patient's health, while also highlighting a variety of gut-healing foods. To download the complete PDF form please click below:

Elimination Diet Plan.jpg



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The Concept 1st Edition  provides a snapshot of some of the best research articles and educational material produced by Bio Concepts, on the topics of energy and mitochondria, hormones and fertility and gut health. To download the complete Magazine please click below:


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