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About Rener Health Products

Thank you for considering Rener Health Products as your preferred supplier. Rener Health Products are the leader in the natural health industry in Western Australia offering registration to quality products and services to both health professionals and retailers including health food stores, pharmacies and various other independent grocers. We try to excel in every way… Whether you require product information, assistance with prescribing, up-to-date industry news, seminars and events, direction in where to find that elusive product, or simply a chat we are there for you.

  • Naturopathic Technical support team
  • Stocking over 7,000 products including: herbs, homeopathics, nutritionals, essential oils, flower essences, foods, beauty treatments
  • Annual Expo
  • Annual Catalogue
  • Backorder management system
  • Come in and browse through our showroom

Over the years, we have branched out to cover as many treatment modalities and client requests as possible. We endeavour to provide the very best in the field for you to choose from! From Acupuncture to Zenobiotics, our product knowledge and choice now covers just about every body’s needs. We do not demand stock codes, account numbers or other data-borne requirements to order - you speak to a person who knows the products and codes (we realise this is our internal information requirements, not yours). It is important to us to remain personable and approachable and to provide you with excellent customer service. We do our very best to expedite orders as quickly as we humanly can, we understand your needs and the needs of a possibly seriously ill client. Our warehouse is air-conditioned and will never get hotter than 25C (which is the maximum temperature used to validate expiry date on most products). We are prepared to go to that extra length and expense! How many other suppliers can claim a similar duty of care? Your choice in preferred distributor has just been made very easy indeed. We look forward to being of service to you in the very near future.

Meet the Teams

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                                                        The Management Team


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                               The Marketing Department                                                       


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                               The Purchasing Department


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                                                     The Warehouse Department


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                                                The Customer Service Department


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