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About Rener Health Products


Rener Health Products is your one stop shop for all your natural health, skincare and household products. We are leaders in the natural health industry in Western Australia and are proudly based in Canning Vale. We have been delivering natural health products to Western Australia for over 20 years. We offer quality products and services to both health professionals and retailers including health food stores, pharmacies and various other independent grocers.

We seek out the finest products and bring them to your door with a service that is recognised as one of the best in the business. We are one of Australia’s most loved natural product distributors and are very proud of our strong stance in the natural product market.

We started from humble beginnings wanting to bring natural, healthy and organic products to people far and wide knowing how important putting natural products into your body is. We have always had an unshakeable desire to create the perfect user experience and we add a certain amount of fun and excitement into your shopping experience. We are all about creating those memories for you and your family that last a lifetime. We view ourselves as partners with our amazing employees and loyal customers. We are a mission driven company and we truly believe that bringing healthy products to people’s attention is a way to create a certain peace amongst the world. 



We are very committed to education as we believe that it is an integral part in the advancement of the industry.  Therefore, we continuously run (in co-operation with our suppliers), a series of seminars, workshops and other industry related educational events to ensure that we keep our customers and staff up-to-date with the latest research and products. 

Online Ordering

Most of our business now happens very efficiently through our website (My Rener), but you’ll still get a “real” person when you need one, by phone and email. We oversee every single one of our orders, with the care that our long-standing customers have come to count on. We do our very best to expedite orders as quickly as we humanly can as we understand your needs and the needs of a possibly seriously ill client.

Customer Service

The Rener Health family consists of highly qualified; highly ethical individuals bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to your service.

We have 12 qualified health practitioners who are part of our representatives and customer service teams. Our representatives are continuously updating their education and product knowledge through a structured weekly training program, in order to provide our customers with the latest information, findings and recommendations.

Whether you require product information, assistance with prescribing, up-to-date industry news, seminars or simply a chat; we are here for you.

Meet the Teams

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                                                        The Management Team


 - (67 of 116).jpg

                               The Marketing Department                                                       


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                               The Purchasing Department


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                                                     The Warehouse Department


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                                                The Customer Service Department


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